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Blogging has so many benefits – you can’t not do it!

All businesses can benefit from bloggingLast night I was up late trying to pull all my business tax information together for my accountant.  It’s my first time doing this as a corporation and I realized how poorly I kept up with my records. Learning QuickBooks and keeping records has been a slow process for me, mostly because I don’t really enjoy it.  But it is a necessary peripheral activity to a successful business.  Some entrepreneurs may feel the same way about maintaining a website.  And in today’s world, a website is pretty much a requirement for any business.

One aspect of a successful website is to update and maintain it on a regular basis.  This can be a daunting task when you are busy doing all the other tasks you are supposed to be doing.  Enter BLOGGING. Continue reading

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All the design trends on the web for 2013!

How can I possibly know ALL the trends on the web.  Well, I don’t but I came across this wonderful graphic from Shutterstock that gives me some clue.  They took all their statistics on what pictures sell, what keywords are searched, what colors are preferred, etc., and put all this important information into a lovely visual “stats” report called an Infographic.  I will write an article in the future on infographics and how much information you can communicate with them, but for now just take a look at this comprehensive “report.” Continue reading

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Testimonials Give Your Business Credibility…

… and Feedback Helps You Grow

When I worked at a large research lab, my organization had internal clients – we were all employees of the same company but we looked at the people for whom we did work as our customers. And as such we would give them feedback forms with every finished product we handed them. Those completed feedback forms then went to our boss! Some were good, some were bad, all were honest. Continue reading

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The KISS Method

Do you know the KISS method?  “Keep It Simple Stupid!”  I had an instructor in college who made it nicer: Keep It Simple STUDENT.  Either way the idea is clear… and simple.

KISS method works best for web design

Right now I’m looking at a post-it note on my computer monitor which simply says: SIMPLIFY! Continue reading

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How Does a Website Get on the Internet?

I taught a web publishing course at a local community college in which we covered websites from start to finish… almost.

Students learned the purpose of a website, how to design web pages and navigation, and how to get their design into HTML format – everything that brought them to a completed website. And then the semester was over. But…  how does it go from one computer to being on the Internet? Continue reading

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Why Does a Small Business Need a Website?

I recently had a client with whom I spent a total of 3 hours over 2 different meetings talking about a new website and all the elements the client might want or need.  From that meeting, I created a proposal with all those elements.

Now, I have known this person for 2 years in a professional manner (we are in a small business group together) and she has heard me talk several times about what a professionally developed website costs and why all businesses need a web presence.  But when she saw the the proposal for the project, panic set in and she asked the question I had been already answering: “why do I even need a website?” Continue reading

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How You Can Prevent a Hack Attack

Well, I continue to get emails supposedly from people I know that are, in reality, bogus.  They contain links that I suppose would take me to a viral website (at worst) or to a website trying to sell me things I don’t want (at best). Of course I don’t click the links! These emails are the result of breached email accounts. Continue reading

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Happy New Year… In Your Face!

Quit worrying about the “fiscal cliff.”

Ugh, are you as sick of hearing that phrase as I am? I wish we had more control over what’s happening in Washington, but we don’t.  However, we do have control over our own business decisions. If you are a business owner, all this negative economic talk should be urging you to move forward in your connection to your existing and prospective clients.  Now is not the time to pull back on the affordable methods of marketing your business which include websites and social media.  If you have a website, amp up your activity. Continue reading

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What’s a Professional Website Worth?

It is pretty commonly known among web designers and developers: people want a website that looks cool, has great functionality, and can be found easily in the search engines but…
they don’t want to pay for it. Continue reading

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